Custom-made wall decoration.
Kosmopol, September 2022.

Nanna Fog Lund has been given the honor of decorating the Meeting Hall at the Kosmopol in the heart of Copenhagen. The perfect setting under the high ceilings for conferences or weddings.

The custom-made artwork consists of two pieces with a total of 4 printed panels, each measuring 80 x 210 cm. It is composed in a varied symmetrical design, that unfolds from a center in a kaleidoscopic surface pattern, which stimulate your senses both aesthetically and intellectually.

In its artistic expression, color scale, and minimalistic framing, the decor adds a harmonious synergy to the stylish modern interior within the elegant historical surroundings. Regardless of the occasion, the adornment will add value for the the participants and guests to have an inspiring and reflective time there.

Special thanks to owner of Kosmopol Morten Schmidt, for the great collaboration, and the opportunity given.

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