“Such a great pleasure to have your work in the Shokunin magazine, Nanna Fog Lund. Thank you so much for your participation and great commitment at the Japanese Design Festival. You truly transformed Seidokan’s authentic taeko dojo into a sincerely beautiful installation.”


“It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with Nanna Fog Lund from Architexture in connection with the development and realization of the well-being zone concept for Design Matters’22 in Copenhagen. In contrast to the digital venue, the space was tailored as a spatial sensory zone, where the 700 international participants could take a break from a hectic conference program, and enjoy a breathing well-being space inspired by the four seasons – sparking the five senses. Nanna’s graphic artworks were important elements in creating the winter season within the sensuous surroundings. Nanna’s approach and experience as an accomplished designer is evidently expressed in her ability to make patterns appear with an almost 3-dimensional tactility. Thank you for your great effort.


“Nanna is a true master in the art of interior furnishing. Through her professionalism and great empathy, I have benefited from her impressive overview and sharp sense of aesthetics. Finally my home became coherent and harmonious, while reflecting who I am. With deep gratitude, I give her my warmest recommendations.”


“Nanna Fog Lund has developed a Material Archive for use in our Design Studio’s architectural projects. With an aim to closely study the market for sustainable interior and building materials, as well as uncover new products home and abroad, she has worked as a Design Consultant. We specialize in Behavioural Design and is leading within the field in Denmark. Therefore, the choice of material is fundamental to our work, and Nanna’s valuable insight into and knowledge of innovative materials has contributed very positively to our company’s knowledge base. As inspiration for the customer dialogue and the creative process, Nanna has curated selected material samples and styled aesthetic exhibition tableaux focusing on sensuous surface qualities. Thank you for the insightful collaboration and the fantastic material you have contributed to our company.” 


“Nanna Fog Lund is a passionate and multidisciplinary design professional with a rich inner source of original ideas. Outstanding conceptual and visual capacities with international experience in transforming trends into products on the cutting edge of textile and accessories design.”


“We chose to consult Nanna Fog Lund from Architexture because she has a special ability to recognize graphic possibilities in material while understanding its tactile experiences. Nanna’s highly developed sense of aesthetics permeates everything she does, and the catalogue – focusing on materials, textures, patterns and colours for textiles, interior design and architecture – has become a truly stylish product. Working with Nanna is wonderful; her enthusiasm is contagious, and her creativity generates unique solutions, which make us proud. She seizes the project and steers it safely to its conclusion.” 


“It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with Nanna. With her inspiring talent and dedication, I can highly recommend her as a partner for interior design developments. As part of an interior project developed specifically for the leading Danish interior magazine Bo Bedre, our collaboration has resulted in the design of a new decorative piece of artwork. I’m definitely looking forward to future collaborations with Nanna.”


“Everything Nanna touches becomes beautiful and intriguing! Regardless which materials she works with, the designs are simple and the outcome innovative. She is intelligent, imaginative and talented with a refined aesthetic sense. She is empathetic and a great collaborator who can be relied on to deliver the desired product.”


“The collaboration with Nanna Fog Lund has been a pleasure. With her strong intuition, she quickly identifies which signals I would like to communicate within my visual corporate identity. This makes the final product 100% personal. Thank you Nanna, I am extremely satisfied!”


“With great commitment, Nanna Fog Lund has carried out various art direction projects within the fields of art, cultural history and archeology for Ostfyn’s Museums. In particular, Nanna has solved the major task of designing and developing a visual identity for the architectural prospectus of Danish Cultural Heritage, which is the development plan for the museum 2022-30. The new identity – including a new logo – is also the starting point for the further development of the museum’s corporate profile. The project’s outcome has received great credit from relevant stakeholders, and this is not least Nanna’s merit. She works very professionally, and above all she has a keen eye for aesthetics, therefore a very high quality within her design solutions. I give Nanna my best recommendations.”


“Through my collaboration with Nanna, I have had the pleasure of experiencing how she uses her sharp overview and analytical skills to quickly identify what is important in a project. She always stays loyal to the overall concept while showing a remarkable refined sense of detail. It has been a very inspiring and eye-opening collaboration.”


“Through her inspiring personality and constructive feedback, Nanna has met and challenged my needs, to achieve the best possible result, ensuring the consistency and recognizability of my overall business expression. Nanna’s design style is highly aesthetic and the collaboration has been very enriching and insightful. Thank you very much for your great effort and your happy personality. I can only give her my very best recommendations.”


“I had the pleasure of teaching Nanna during a course in Project Management at Copenhagen Business College. I recognise Nanna as a bright, alert and creative capacity. She has my best recommendations.”

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