Indretningsfabrikken Copenhagen
Indretningsfabrikken Copenhagen


“As a Design Consultant, Nanna Fog Lund has developed, curated and styled a Material Archive for use in our company’s interior and architecture projects. As the leading Design Studio within the field of Behavioural Design, the choice of material is fundamental to our work, and Nanna’s valuable insight into and knowledge of innovative materials has contributed very positively to our projects and knowledge base. Thank you for the insightful collaboration and the fantastic material you have contributed to our company.”

“We chose to consult Nanna Fog Lund from Architexture because she has a special ability to recognize graphic possibilities in material while understanding its tactile experiences. Nanna’s highly developed sense of aesthetics permeates everything she does. Working with Nanna is wonderful; her enthusiasm is contagious, and her creativity generates unique solutions, which make us proud. She seizes the project and steers it safely to its conclusion.” 

“Such a great pleasure to have your work in the Shokunin magazine, Nanna Fog Lund. Thank you so much for your participation and great commitment at the Japanese Design Festival. You truly transformed Seidokan’s authentic taeko dojo into a sincerely beautiful installation.”

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