Halvandet Beach Club.
Copenhagen, 28-29 September, 2022.

At the cool international digital design conference, DESIGN MATTERS’ 22 in Copenhagen, ARCHITEXTURE Design Atelier has been invited to exhibit at the first mover ‘Well-being Zone’ curated by Gitte Just.

Because well-being matters too, and in close connection with the conference — by designers for designers — we are excited to invite the +600 participants to enjoy the complementary ‘Well-being Zone’ created to invigorate, awaken, and stimulate the energy through an aesthetic sensory experience.

As a contrast to the digital universe, ARCHITEXTURE present artworks with a focus on sensuous and tactile surface qualities. Inspired by Japanese origami folding techniques, the textures are created by hand and digitally processed, thus combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology.

This ‘Well-being Zone’ unites interdisciplinary exquisite art and design, with landscapes of sound, aromas and elements from nature. Feel free to RE:CONNECT.

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