My contribution to a beautiful world is to combine my conceptual and sensuous abilities in order to create – with soul and substance – expressions which leave great impressions
Nanna Fog Lund



NANNA FOG LUND is the creator and founder of the Danish design atelier ARCHITEXTURE. As a professional designer and artist, she works in the intersecting fields of design, art, and aesthetics. She has specialized in the niche area of texture surface design, and creates patterns and artwork focusing on sensuous and tactile surface qualities.

NANNA FOG LUND has gained extensive international experience within the design industry, achieved through interdisciplinary project collaborations, censored exhibitions, artistic as well as commercial work employments – among others at the couture house of Phillipa Lepley in London, at the innovation agency of Ma3x in Barcelona, and at the fashion- and interior- label of Munthe in Copenhagen.

NANNA FOG LUND graduated as an clothing artisan and designer from the Danish Design School Kolding, as well as from the prestigious Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, from which she holds a Master of Art in Printed Textile Design.

NANNA FOG LUND´s design signature is timeless aesthetics.

The highest and most beautiful things in life are not to be heard about, nor read about, not seen but, if one will, are to be lived
Søren Kierkegaard



NANNA FOG LUND’s art and design have been exhibited at numerous  curated exhibitions and shows, both at home and abroad. To name a few, at Denmark’s famous annual design festival 3 Days of Design in the magical setting of the Lapidarium of Kings, at the exquisite Japanese Design Festival in the stylish conference center of Kosmopol in the heart of Copenhagen, as well as, the sensory salon at the international design venue Design Matters.

Life is art – art is life




• Shokunin – Japanese Design Festival of Denmark, Kosmopol.
• Japan Gallery – Exclusive design showroom, Møbelforretningen.
• The Art of Texture – 3 Days of Design, Danish Design Fair.
• Sensory salon – Design Matters venues in Cph, Tokyo & Mexico.
• Site-specific wall decoration – Conference hall, Kosmopol.
• Japansk Designfestival – Kosmopol Conference Centre.
• DDcated Design Hub – The Lapidarium of Kings, Slotsholmen.
• Site-specific wall decor – Design showroom, Indretningsfabrikken.
• Sensory installation – Seidokan Japan Culture Center, Valby.
• Shop display – Ordrupgaard Art Museum, Charlottenlund.
• Window display – Shop of Danish Arts & Crafts, Landemærket.
• Free Form – Art & Design Group Show, The Round Tower.

• Luxury Design Market – Marina Port Vell.
• Expo de Innovación y Diseño – La Estación de Barcelona-Sants.
• Art, Design & Fashion Pop-up – Centro cultural de Sant Agustí.
• Design Market Barcelona – FAD, Foment de les Arts i del Disseny.
• Shop display – Alexina Moda y Diseño, El Barrio Eixample.

• Window display – Phillipa Lepley Couture Atelier & Boutique.
• Group Exhibition – Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design.
• Graduation Show – Louise Wilson OBE, Fashion & Textile Department.

• Award-winning photo exhibition – Photo Festival, El Barrio Gros.
• Studio art installation – Arteleku Art Center, Donostia.
• Performance – Adeshoras Danza, Kursaal Donostia.


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