Design atelier


ARCHITEXTURE creates beauty!
ARCHITEXTURE specializes in texture surface design. The Danish design atelier develops patterns, textures, and artworks, focusing on sensuous and tactile surface qualities. The designs are adaptable for a wide variety of materials, – ranging from silk to concrete!
ARCHITEXTURE combines architecture and texture. The word architecture refers to ‘the art of building’ and textura  means ‘interweaving’. The atelier represents a visionary design approach aimed at architects, interior designers, and interior- and textile manufacturers world-wide. Functional and artistic expressions are united through interdisciplinary collaborations. 
ARCHITEXTURE is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition with its affection for authenticity, in combination with references to the Japanese aesthetic concept of shibui – 苦い. By balancing opposing design principles, such as simplicity and complexity, the beauty of the textural features is expressed.
ARCHITEXTURE makes simplicity significant!